Getting started

How do I sign up for a Moves App subscription?

You can sign up for a Monthly or Annual Moves App subscription through our website by navigating to the “sign up” button in the top right hand corner. 

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we want to ensure Moves is a perfect fit for you and your goals, so all subscriptions come with a free 7-day trial period!

What fitness level is Moves App for?

There is something for everyone within the available programs. Beginner Moves is an ideal starting point for someone new to exercise or returning after a period of time off. Weekly Moves Workouts (our community favorite!) is a natural progression from beginner moves or perfect for someone intermediate in their fitness looking to be challenged. For advanced lifters, the Strength Moves programming offers everything you would need for progressive overload and lower rep, and heavier lifting goals. Included within programs are also physical-therapist provided alternates and modifications, in case a specific exercise feels out of reach. Truly, it's all here!

Do I need a subscription to join a Tighter Together challenge?

You do not need a subscription to join our Tighter Together challenges; however, a subscription is needed to unlock all Moves App logging features, programs, and resources. Subscribers also receive an exclusive discount on all available challenges. 

What are your subscription terms?

MOVES APP is a subscription-based application that will charge to your selected payment method, each billing cycle (monthly or yearly), on the same date you originally signed up. Your subscription will continue until you choose to cancel.

Regardless of the subscription type you choose, you will have full access to all available features and programs within the Moves App while your subscription is active. 

After canceling, please keep in mind that while you will still have access to your account for the remainder of your billing cycle. You will no longer have access to any of the content within the Moves App once your subscription has expired. This includes any weeks you have already completed. This is in keeping with all subscription models and the terms of use agreed to in purchase.

Upon subscribing to Moves by Madeline, you agree to subscription fees and other charges relating to the subscription being billed automatically to the nominated payment method provided by you, on the renewal date of your term.

Subscription fees will apply regardless of whether or not you use your subscription.

What are the Tighter Together challenges?

Tighter Together is our 30-day community challenge that takes our efforts and results up a notch with a little “push” phase. These challenges are offered twice a year and include access to 4-5 weeks of exclusive workouts, a robust recipe guide, a personalized macro count, fitness and nutrition guidance, as well as access to a community of thousands of other link-minded individuals who are in it WITH you. Each challenge is unique and creates an environment to develop lasting habits and tap into the shared energy of an amazing community.

Tighter Together is a one-time purchase that is NOT a part of your Moves App Subscription; however, all Moves App Subscribers receive a member-exclusive discount to join. 

You do NOT need a Moves App Subscription to purchase Tighter Together, but it is recommended to be able to continue your progress post-challenge and gain access to all Moves App programs, app features, and advanced resources.


How do I cancel my Moves App subscription?

MOVES APP is a subscription-based application that will charge to your selected payment method, each billing cycle (monthly or yearly), on the same date you originally signed up. Your subscription will continue unless you choose to cancel. Regardless of the subscription type you choose, you will have full access to all available features and programs within the MOVES APP for the duration of your active subscription (monthly or annual). After canceling, please keep in mind that while you will still have access to your account for the remainder of your billing cycle. You will no longer have access to any of the content within the MOVES APP once your subscription has expired. This includes any weeks you have already completed, and access to full guides and training programs.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel their subscription when desired. Subscriptions must be managed on the platform where you signed up (more details below) and must be requested before the end of a billing period to avoid being charged. No refunds are made based on missed or failed cancellations, change of mind, unused subscription periods, accidental purchases, medical conditions, or any similar event, unless required by law to do so. Of course, our goal is to support you. If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to contact our Support Team at

TO CANCEL: If you initially subscribed through the Moves by Madeline Website, you will need to cancel through the online desktop version of the app. "Log In" Tab is located on Moves by Madeline Website. Once logged into your account > "Menu" icon > "Billing" and then you can carry out the cancellation process.

APPLE SUBSCRIPTION: If you signed up to the Moves by Madeline App using your Apple ID, you will need to contact Apple directly to discuss any billing requests. All In-App purchases must be canceled within your Apple Subscriptions. You can follow the below steps to access your Apple ID and cancel your subscription: Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then select View Apple ID. You might need to sign in with your Apple ID Scroll down and tap 'Subscriptions' Choose 'MOVES' as the subscription that you want to manage Tap 'Cancel Subscription’. Once you have canceled, your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle. Learn more about your Apple Subscription below.

How do I update my billing information?

Your billing information will be updated on the platform where you signed up. 

If you purchased a subscription through the Moves by Madeline website, you will manage your billing information by logging in to your account and going to “Billing Information” under your profile in the top right hand corner of the desktop account or mobile application. 

Please note, this will not affect the payment information for any In-App purchases made from Apple. You will need to manage apple billing through your Apple ID. 

What are the different subscription offerings?

You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to Moves. Both subscriptions give you access to every feature in the app—8+ science-backed training programs, hundreds of workouts, and new classes added every week.

A monthly subscription is $20 USD, and automatically renews every month.

A yearly subscription is $200 USD—a 17% savings compared to monthly—and automatically renews every year. 

You can cancel your subscription anytime before it renews. If you do not cancel at least 24 hours prior to your renewal date, your subscription will be automatically renewed and we will charge your account using the payment method on file for you.

I have questions about my Apple subscription.

If your subscription is an In-App Purchase, it is purchased from and billed by the respective App Store (e.g. the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), not by us. You will still have access to all of the same programs and features within your account; however, an In-App Purchase is subject to the terms, conditions and other licensing arrangements specified by that app store provider. As such, you must take up any payment-related issues or refund requests with the app store provider directly. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot apply any subscription-based discounts or offer codes, unless you cancel your subscription through the App store and reactivate on our website.

To request a refund for your In-App Purchase, you will need to request directly through Apple Support by following the steps below:

  1. Head to Apple Support
  2. Select Billing & Subscriptions
  3. Select Subscriptions & purchases
  4. Select Request a Refund

To learn more about all of your billing options, please email our team at

If I cancel my subscription will my data be deleted?

No, if you have to cancel your subscription, your data will not be deleted. This allows you to reactivate your subscription at any time without losing your previous progress or history!

If you do wish to delete your data, you must first unsubscribe from any active subscriptions. After unsubscribing, you can request for your account and data to be deleted by selecting “please delete my account” under “Billing Information”. Please note: once you delete your account, your history can no longer be retrieved. If you have purchased any one-time non subscription purchases (such as Tighter Together) these programs and data will also be deleted along with your account.

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

We do not offer refunds or credits for missed or failed cancellations, change of mind, unused subscription periods, accidental purchase, or any similar reason or event, unless required by law to do so. All sales are final.  

If you have unexpected charges, we suggest double checking your account via the web portal here by navigating to your profile and “billing instructions”. The Moves App is a subscription-based application. Upon purchase, you agree to be billed each billing cycle (monthly or yearly) on the same date that you originally signed up, unless you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the period. For more information on how to cancel, see here. 

Of course, our goal is to support you. If you have any additional questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our Support Team at

How do I apply a gift code to my account?

If you have received a Gift Code, but DO NOT yet have a Moves App subscription, you will need to sign up on our website following these instructions: 

  • Select a “monthly” or a “yearly” subscription
  • Log in (to reactive and old account) or create an account 
  • Copy and paste your coupon at checkout

Please keep in mind the value of the coupon you received. If it was for “monthly” it will be a $20 credit that you can use to cover your full first month OR $20 off of a yearly subscription. If you received a “yearly” coupon, it will be a $200 value, which will cover your first full year of yearly subscription (12 months total), or apply a credit to be applied to monthly payments.  

Both a monthly or a yearly purchase will automatically renew unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of a billing cycle.

How do I upgrade from Monthly to Yearly billing?

Here's how to change your Moves by Madeline subscription from monthly to annual payment on the main website. Please note that this will not affect any In-App Purchase items from Apple. Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step 1: Sign in to the Moves by Madeline website

You can use this link to sign in:

Step 2: Tap the down arrow by your profile picture in the top right corner of the website.

Fitness support

What workout equipment is needed?

Moves workout programs are built to accommodate a variety of workout environments. Built into our exercises are alternates or modifications that can be swapped for injury, equipment, or fitness levels. 

To maximize your workouts and ongoing progress, we would recommend access to the following equipment: 

  • DUMBBELLS - we recommend a variety ranging from 5-30 LBS, but the specific amounts will varying depending on your fitness level

  • RESISTANCE BANDS - Resistance bands are extremely versatile. They are great for upping the intensity of a leg day, substituting a cable machine, warming up, or completing workouts on the go. We recommend investing in 2-3 different kinds: 
  • Mini Loop Bands - these wrap around your legs and typically come in a pack with light to heavy resistance 
  • Long Loop bands and/or Cable with Handles - these can wrap around anything stationary, support pull-up progression, and replace a traditional cable machine. The resistance will depend on level, but we would recommend a variety from 5-65 lbs of resistance.  

Madeline uses these bands in Yellow, Red and Blue most. A discount is applied through this link!

  • MEDICINE BALL - We recommend getting one between 10-15 lbs. Alternates will be included if you do not have access to one. 

  • AN ELEVATED STEP - This could be a study chair, bench, box, or anything that would support your full weight+
  • Optional: 
  • Kettlebell - weight can be anywhere from 15-40+ pounds (you can always substitute with a single dumbbell)
  • Barbell and plates
  • Squat Rack
  • Adjustable workout bench 
  • Jump Rope 
  • Cardio Machines 

Equipment needs do vary by program, so we suggest reviewing the unique program description here. 

Check out some of our favorite equipment here:

What is the average length of workouts?

Workout length will vary depending on which program you are following, but generally they will be between 30-60 minutes. All Weekly Moves workouts are also always programmed with a built-in 30 and 60 minute option to choose from each day.

Keep in mind, the length of your workout will also depend on how much you are pushing yourself. If you find yourself finishing workouts much faster than the anticipated length, we would suggest making sure that you are selecting the correct weights for your level and progress! 

For more accurate program-specific workout details, check out our programs page here.

Which Moves workout program is right for me?

The Moves App Subscription includes access to 8 unique workout programs, each crafted with care by fitness experts to help take the guesswork out of training and generate results for your specific goals. 

Our programs each cater to different fitness levels, goals, and preferences, so to find the best one for you - we suggest taking this quiz.

To learn more about all available programs, check out our Programs page.

Are there video instructions?

YES! There are form videos of every exercise in the workout library and Tighter Together challenge workouts, as well as written cues and deeper instructional videos provided by Dr. Brandon Moss, PT on important foundational movements. Form is extremely important to the Moves Team and is crucial to being able to progressively overload and stay injury free!

Can I switch between the available programs anytime?

YES! The entire library of 8 unique programs, warm-ups, cooldowns, and form resources are all at your fingertips for anytime your needs change. All programs available are listed in your Plans tab and include a detailed description of what is included. 

Can the workouts be done from home or a gym?

Yes! All of our programs are designed to be accessible at home, at the gym, or even on the go. When there are machines used (rarely), there is an “alternate exercise” feature within the app that provides an at-home alternative to target the same muscle in the same way! Over 70% of app members complete all workouts from home. Checkout Instagram @madeline_moves or @movesbymadeline for previews of at-home workout examples!

What are Weekly Moves Workouts?

Weekly Moves is our most popular program, which includes 5 newly-programmed workouts each week. These workouts are automatically loaded onto your workout journal every Sunday, so that you have the option to follow along with the majority of the community throughout the week. All Weekly Moves workouts are programmed with Physical Therapist recommended warm-ups, cooldowns, and modifications, as well as 30/60-minute workout options, beloved for providing variety, consistency and a fit functional physique.  

Any of the 5 workouts can be completed at any time that is convenient for you, but the overview of the week is: 

Monday - Legs + Glutes 

Tuesday - Upper Body 

Wednesday - Conditioning + Deep Core 

Thursday - Back + Chest

Friday - Full Body + Deep Core

Unlogged Weekly Moves workouts will only stay on your calendar for 4 weeks. You can access the 4 most recent weeks of Weekly Moves on both your calendar or your Plans Tab. 

Any logged or favorited workouts will remain on your calendar and account history, so long as you have an active subscription.

Can I use your programs if pregnant or postpartum?

We always suggest checking with your doctor for clearance prior to starting any workout program when expecting, as they can advise towards the specifics of your pregnancy. However, if cleared we highly encourage continued exercise during your pregnancy as research continues to show that the benefits are numerous for both mom and baby. Included with every Moves App subscription is Mom Moves - our prenatal-specific training program, which provides safe and effective workouts for expecting moms. Mom Moves was programmed alongside a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health, to accommodate the physiological changes that come with pregnancy. 

For our postpartum members, we recently introduced the community-beloved Core Moves, which was also built alongside a Pelvic Floor PT for this phase of life! Phase 0 is the perfect place to start when reintroducing gentle movement back into your day in the early postpartum phase. Once you have been cleared for exercise by your OB and are able to pass the physical-therapist-provided “checklist” at the end of Phase 0, we suggest pairing Beginner Moves with Core Moves Phase 1 for the perfect re-introduction to exercise.

How do I know what weights to choose?

Your goal with weight selection should be to use a weight that by the end of a given set, you are struggling to complete with proper form. For example, if the set is 10 repetitions and you get to 5 and feel you cannot complete any more with good form, you should decrease the weight. On the other hand, if you complete the 10 repetitions and feel you could’ve done another 5 or 10, you need to increase the weight for the next set. Rep ranges in the 6-15 range are your opportunities to push STRENGTH, rep ranges in the 15-30 range are to push ENDURANCE and will require a lower weight selection.

The “workout history” is a great feature to see what weights you have logged previously and where you might be able to push yourself! We also recommend reviewing the manual for your specific program to see any program-specific guidance on rest or weight selection (manuals are linked in program descriptions and included in your “Resources” tab).

Moves app

What is included with a Moves membership?

A Moves App subscription gives you access to all features within the app while you are subscribed. This includes all current programs, workouts, logging, and progress tracking features. To read more about each of our available programs, see our programs overview page here.

Tighter Together Challenges are an optional purchase offered twice a year. These challenges are not included with your subscription; however, subscribers will get an exclusive discount on all available challenges. To be the first to know when Tighter Together challenges become available, make sure to sign up for our newsletter here.

How do I report a potential bug in the Moves App?

If you have noticed that something isn’t right or performing how it should within the Moves app, try completing the below troubleshooting steps to see if this resolves the error you are experiencing:

  1. Uninstall the Moves app from your device.
  2. Check that your device is running the latest operating system available. If an update is available, please update your device. 
  3. If your software is up to date, restart your device by switching off/on.
  4. Download the Moves app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

We encourage you to reach out to us straight away if you continue to experience the error after troubleshooting, so that we can help identify any potential bugs that may be affecting other members too! Please email our support team at with the following information:

  1. Your Account Email
  2. Confirmation that the troubleshooting steps mentioned above have been completed. 
  3. Your device’s model number e.g. iPhone XR/Android Samsung 9.
  4. An explanation of what is occurring and how you expect the app should correctly function.
  5. Any screenshots, if available. 

We try hard to track down all potential problems, but we aren’t perfect! Your feedback helps us continue to improve your experience with the Moves app and support you in your journey towards becoming the best version of yourselves possible! Thank you for caring enough to reach out!

Is new content added to the app each month?

Yes! We believe that consistency, variety, and a long-term plan are key to ongoing progress. That is why the Moves App includes access to all 8 of our unique programs, which include over 300 unique workouts catered to different goals and phases of life. In addition, there are 5 NEW workouts loaded each week to our Weekly Moves program. Workouts vary from 25-80 minutes in length, with options for beginner to advanced. You can see examples of Moves App workouts on Instagram on @movesbymadeline or /@madeline_moves

How do I choose the 30-minute workout for Weekly Moves?

When you start any Weekly Moves workout you will have the option to choose from the 30 or 60 minute option.

This is an invaluable asset to those who are wanting an effective and accessible starting point, have busy schedules, or just want to save the 60-minute version for another time in the future! The 30-minute workouts can ALSO be used ad-hoc on individual days where you just needed a shorter workout.

How do I track weights and reps?

The Moves App makes it super easy to track your weights and even see previous weight history during your workouts to help you progress over time. 

Here’s how to log your weight for an exercise, starting from the Log Workout view. Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step 1: While logging a workout, tap the exercise you want to update.

Step 2: Update your reps, weight, etc. for the exercise and continue with your workout.
If you are using TWO dumbbells for the exercise, we recommend cumulative weight, but whatever method you choose, be consistent for tracking purposes. Most bands will indicate lbs of resistance on website or packaging if you want to log it.

Are the prescribed reps total or each side?

Unless otherwise specified, most exercises will be listed as the total reps for alternating sides (12 reps = 6 left and 6 right). 

Exercises will have a “perform on each side” notation if they should be completed per side (12 reps “each side” = 12 reps on the left side, 12 reps on the right side).

step 8
How do I see my logged weight history?

On the bottom of each exercise you will tap that “history” icon to see what weights you used previously. 

How do I use an exercise alternate?

Some of your workouts will include alternate exercise options that give you the option to modify the workout and adjust the difficulty level, available equipment, or just match what you can do that day.

Please Note: Not all workouts and exercise offer alternate exercises.

Here's how to view and switch to use alternate exercises that are available in a workout:

Step 1: When logging a workout, tap an exercise to see the exercise video and detailed info for sets, reps, weight, etc.

Step 2: Look for the "View Alternate Exercise" option on the exercise view.

Step 3: Tap to expand the alternate exercise options.

Step 4: Tap the icon to switch to the alternate exercise you want to use.

The screen will update and you'll see the exercise you selected:

Now you know how to choose an alternate exercise when one is available!

Why are my videos not playing?

Please keep in mind that proper video function requires an internet connection (much like the music, social media apps, or browsers on your phone). This helps save space on your device and provide the best experience possible.

If your Moves App videos are not playing, we suggest completing the following troubleshooting steps: 

  • You have the latest operating system installed on your device
  • You are connected to a cellular data service, or have a stable Wi-Fi connection
  • You have confirmed that the video is not paused (tap the image to confirm) 
  • Delete, update, and reinstall the Moves app to your device from the App Store or Google Play Store

We encourage you to reach out to us straight away if you continue to experience the error after troubleshooting, so that we can help identify any potential bugs that may be affecting other members too! Please email our support team at with the following information:

  • Confirmation that the troubleshooting steps mentioned above have been completed. 
  • Your device’s model number e.g. iPhone XR/Android Samsung 9.
  • An explanation of what is occurring and how you expect the app should correctly function.
  • Any screenshots, if available.

Still have questions?

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